Him self.


OZ0JD/P at work


My name is Jens Dahl. I was born in 1962. When I was a child my older brother had a Walkie Talkie. He is now OZ7P.
In 2001 I had my D licens and I made quite a few contacts on 2M and 6M. Aprox 16200 QSOs. In 2016 I finally pulled myself together and upgraded my licens to a B so I was able to do some HF.
Unfortunately there isn’t many options for antennas at my QTH so I’m mostly /M or /P.
I’ve become aware of Flora and Fauna wich I find super exciting so I’m going to do that a lot.

I also find DXing interesting. Especially together with oz6aba “Leif”, using the call oz11a both digital and phone from his QTH.

And i only use eQSL and use Clublog.

I’m a member of these clubs: OZ8JYL and OZ5GX